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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Patent development

Patent development begins with the inventors and the patent expert discussing the ideas. After the ideas have been recognized by both parties, the search can be performed to mine the patents that are considered relevant to your company’s technology. The novelty or new ideas generated by your company will then be apparent and ready to be placed into writing. The patent application must be checked by all parties and when the validity of the patent application has been confirmed the patent will be filed in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and possibly in other foreign patent offices throughout the world//////////////////////////////////

As you can see from the above model, the patent process begins at the very beginning of the product cycle. Once the product concept is realized, a prior art search can help your company understand the types of patents being filed in similar technologies. The search will reveal your competition, the state of the art and provide useful information when deciding whether to go forward with a particular product concept.
After the decision to go forward has been affirmed, the patent filings can be expedited by filing provisional patents which provide one year to make a final decision as to whether to proceed with a utility patent.
Once patents have been allowed, the continuation strategy comes into play depending on the improvements that may have been made to the invention or the importance of a particular patent to your company.

Phase 1 begins with the cooperation of the entire company working together to achieve the very best patent strategy for your company. Emdadi Patent Law can bring the right people up to speed at your organization so a sound patent strategy can be achieved.
Phase 2 is where our patent expert searches the prior art and attempts to start categorizing the types of patents that your company may need. As a result, competitors will surface and the amount of patents obtained by them will be realized.
Phase 3 is the step where our patent expert drafts your patent applications and files them in the U.S.P.T.O. and in foreign countries if necessary. This process takes a few years to complete. The result is a final decision as to what your patent rights are and how many patents you receive.
Phase 4 represents the enforcement of your patent rights. Once patents have been obtained the goal shifts to maximizing the potential for profits, whether it be by licensing, litigation, or the sale of the company and its patent portfolio.
Phase 5 shows the cycle starting to repeat itself. The R&D needs to keep inventing and filing patents to protect those ideas. The process is ongoing and Emdadi Patent Law is here to help your patent strategy continue for future generations.