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Saturday, 13 December 2014


  1. What is technology transfer? 
    Technology transfer is the process of transferring laboratory research outputs from the bench to the marketplace, usually through partnerships with industry.
  2. What is the role of the MRC IC in technology transfer and how can we help MRC scientists? 
    The MRC IC is committed to developing a culture of innovation within the MRC's science base. The Centre's primary function is to manage the development and transfer of sustainable health care technologies to industry for the benefit of the MRC, MRC researchers, and society in general. The IC also ensures that the inventors and their respective units receive a portion of any benefits arising from the commercialization of their inventions. (Click here for more information on the MRC IC and its functions)
  3. What is the role of MRC scientists/inventors in technology transfer? 
    The assistance and commitment of the inventor are vital to the technology transfer process. With the passing of the IPR Act in 2008, and in line with the MRC's Intellectual Property Policy, all MRC-supported researchers are obliged to disclose any inventions to the IC and to cooperate with them as far as possible in all matters pertaining to technology transfer. The expertise and knowledge of the inventor are essential to the IC for assessing the potential applications, market and patentability of the invention and to commercial partners for product development and manufacture. MRC researchers are also responsible for keeping thorough records of their experiments in order to assist in the technology transfer process and in the legal protection of the invention (See Guidelines for Laboratory Notebooks for more information).
  4. How can MRC scientists benefit from technology transfer? 
    As documented in the MRC's Intellectual Property Policy, IP creators/enablers will receive a portion of the net income generated from the successful transfer of their inventions to the marketplace. A further portion of the income is awarded to the Unit in which the IP creators/enablers work.