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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Miguel Iglesais of Questel

Miguel Iglesias
Miguel Iglesias
Director, Questel

With Miguel iglesais, Director, Questel USA (First pic) ........Attending Questel's Workshop on "Align innovation with your IP strategy" at Hilton hotel, Sahar, Mumbai, India.........workshop organised by Questel Orbit Inc. USA on July 08, 2015
 Some pics 



Sales Manager

Questel Orbit

 – Present (13 years)Alexandria, VA

Orbit IP Searching

Round body
Web based professional patent search software integrating Questel’s unique global patent family database with powerful search and review tools.
Access is available for a fixed annual fee based on the number of users.


Hitlist with legal status timeline preview
Compact Hitlist by descending relevance

Find relevant patents

Orbit IP Search offers the power of Questel’s legendary search engine to search efficiently the largest high value added database collection in the industry;
  • The largest and most refined set of search options such as prefix, midfix, suffix, proximities, Booleans, and any more
  • Consistent and sharp results count
  • Bibliographic patent collections from 100+ authorities
  • Full text collections from 20+ authorities
  • Exclusive invention based family structure: Search across all members as a single record
  • High quality English language translations: Search across all languages from a single search screen
  • Key content:
    • Object
    • Advantages and prior art drawbacks
    • Independent claims
  • Normalized assignee names
  • Enhanced and normalized legal status
  • Normalized technical concepts
  • Daily updatesfrom major patenting authorities
    • All major classification systems: IPC, CPC, F-Terms, FI-Terms, USPCL
    • Industry leading similarity search

Scanning with interactive highlighting & high resolution
Hitlist of image mosaics with key weighted technical

Select key art

The Orbit review interface has been tailored to provide a quick way to target relevant patent families, thanks to the Computer Assisted Reading features:
  • The built-in auto-ranking displays patent families in a descending order of relevance
  • Similarity ranking, resulting from a similarity search, uses best practice to present patents by descending order of similarity
  • Unique invention based family structure, cuts down results lists to one record per unique invention
  • Key content summaries, provide a swift review of lengthy patent text
  • Legal status display & timeline; provides insight to a patent family’s legal status, ‘at a glance’
  • Key Words In Context (KWIC) reviews offer efficient scanning of each term
  • Normalized key technical concepts clouds highlight weighted key concepts
  • High resolution mosaics of images provide a unique hitlist browsing option
  • Scanning of interactive highlighted terms allows to spot proximity at a glance and go to relevant sections right away.
  • Dynamic family graphs bring to light hidden complex relationship between members
  • Citation graphs efficiently show and focus on the most relevant ones

Patent family view with user defined fields
Run statistical analysis on your own portfolio


The Orbit Workfiles allow to collect all patent and design portfolios on a collaborative platform where knowledge can be built and shared across your company and partners:
  • Annotate saved patent families, create an internal knowledge base:
    • Attach documents
    • Rank inventions
    • Classify your portfolio
    • Share all or sections of your archives
    • Search across all stored patents, including customized meta data
    • Analyze your archives using an extensive choice of parameters, including customized meta data
  • Monitor your market by setting up regular alerts regarding the publication of new patent families and/or legal status updates. Alert results can feed saved foldersand be integrated into workflows allowing for distribution and collection of feedback from colleagues.

Orbit IP Business Intelligence

Orbit IPBI
Web based patent analysis software integrating the Orbit Prior Art search module with a powerful suite of patent analysis visualisations, designed to give answers to key business questions. Access is available for a fixed annual fee based on the number of users and patent volumes required for analysis. 
You are a Patent Analyst, IP Manager, Marketing Executive, Business Developer, CTO, CEO

What do you need to do?

Other IP Business Intelligence features

Patent data contains unrivalled business intelligence information. There are now over 2 million patent applications per year and each application represents a significant investment in a documented and classified technology area.

Orbit IP Business Intelligence provides the tools needed to unlock the business insight hidden in global patent data:
  1. Unique normalised data source; 100+ patent authorities, unique invention based family structure, normalised assignees, enhanced legal status data.
  2. Lightning fast processing times; transform data sets of over 1 million patent families into graphs in seconds.
  3. Active data interrogation; click on any point on any graph to view the source data detail behind the big picture.
  4. Custom data normalisation options; create custom normalisation rules merging related companies, technologies and inventors into simple groups.
  5. Award winning graphical representations.

Main features from Orbit IPBI

Company Analysis

Company analysis

  • Visualise technological strengths
  • View technology investment trends
  • Identify key innovative employees
  • Visualise key geographical markets

Technology Analysis

Technology analysis

  • Identify the key players
  • View investment acceleration over time
  • Find potential licensing partners
  • Identify litigation threats
  • Compare ideas with existing technology

Company Comparison

Company comparisons

  • How do technology specialities overlap?
  • Who entered the market first?
  • How do investment rates in competing technology areas compare over time?
  • What is the litigation landscape?

Fast Visual Prior art Search

Fast visual prior art searches

  • Cut down large result sets in minutes
  • Visualise related key technology concepts
  • Spot new search terms, concepts, classifications
  • Identify co-assignment & citations trends



Paris, France (Headquarters)
1 Blvd de la Madeleine
75001 Paris
Phone: +33 (0)1 55 04 52 00
Fax: +33 (0)1 55 04 52 01

Sophia-Antipolis, France (R&D)
930, route des Dolines
06560 Valbonne, France
BP 239
06904 Sophia-Antipolis Cedex
Phone: +33 (0)4 92 94 55 55
Fax: +33 (0)4 92 94 55 56

Alexandria, VA (U.S. Main Office)
2331 Mill Road - Suite 600
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone : +1 (703) 519 1820
Help Desk : 800 456 7248
Fax : +1-844-QUESTEL
( +1-844-7837835)

Tokyo, Japan
Questel Liaison Office for Japan,
10-9-204 Shinsen-cho, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-0045
Phone: +81 90 4679 0709
Fax: +81 3 6823 8704

Shanghai, China
21st Floor, 168 Yin Cheng Zhong Road, Bank of Shanghai Tower, Pudong Shanghai 200120, CHINA
168号上海银行大厦21楼 邮编:200120
Customer support: +86 21 51167212
Phone: +86 21 51167213
Fax: +86 21 51167116

Some more pics

New Patent Analysis Tools Coming to | The Intellogist Blog
Patent map (screenshot from PowerPoint).

Solution - - Technology transfer and ventures | Lpines ...
(Questel Orbit)

New Patent Analysis Tools Coming to | The Intellogist Blog
Pick a chart type (screenshot from workshop PowerPoint presentation).

Innovation Software: Orbit Innovation Capture
Orbit Innovation Capture

Drilling down through a tree map (screenshot from PowerPoint).


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