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Monday, 26 September 2016

WO 2016145990, Ledipasvir, New patent, SHANGHAI FOREFRONT PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD

WO 2016145990, Ledipasvir, New patent, SHANGHAI FOREFRONT PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD
SHANGHAI FOREFRONT PHARMCEUTICAL CO., LTD [CN/CN]; Room 1306, No.781 Cailun Road China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Pudong New Area Shanghai 201203 (CN)
HUANG, Chengjun; (CN).
FU, Gang; (CN).
FU, Shaojun; (CN).
WEI, Zhewen; (CN).
LI, Wei; (CN).
ZHANG, Xixuan; (CN)
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Leidipawei (Ledipasvir, LDV, the structure as shown in Formula 1-LDV) was developed by Gilead hepatitis C drugs, FDA has granted LDV / SOF (Sofosbuvir) fixed dose combination drug therapy breakthrough finds that this combination therapy is expected in the short 8-week period to cure patients with genotype 1HCV, but without injections of interferon or ribavirin (ribavirin).

US20100310512 Leidipawei reported synthetic route is as follows:

2 side chain compound 1-LDV are Moc-Val, but in the compound 21 in the first to introduce Cbz-, then introduced into the left Moc-Val 13-Br in the compound by hydrolysis and condensation, and the right side chains prior to 17 -Br Boc-introduced, and then condensed by the introduction of the right hydrolyzed Moc-Val, i.e., it is not required to introducing a protecting group, then 2 times by hydrolysis, condensation of 2 times the target product. Cumbersome reaction steps, and the product raw material is expensive, tedious synthetic methods to make the product more expensive raw material costs, requires the use of more efficient ways to reduce material costs.
US2013324740 reported Leidipawei the following preparation method:

Law methodology US20100310512 efficiency in high, but still prepared Boc protected compound 24, compound 27, as well as through hydrolysis to remove the protecting group Boc, the yield is still not high, but also increase the waste emissions.
Thus, there remains the need to find simpler, more efficient Leidipawei preparation.
Route 1

Law Compound 11 first introduced in Moc-val group, Boc protection is not required, can significantly improve the synthesis efficiency and reduce waste emissions.

Route 2

Law Compound 11, Compound 3-Moc were first introduced Moc-Val, got rid of all the protection, deprotection, significantly reduced synthetic steps to improve the synthesis efficiency, production cycle reduced significantly, waste emissions significantly lower raw material costs significantly reduction, with significant industrial significance.

Route 3

Law of the compound 4-Br-Moc-Boc, the compound 5-Moc-Boc protecting group is introduced, it can reduce the effects of electron-rich N atoms of catalyst, dramatically reducing the amount of catalyst and promote the reaction, an increase of raw materials utilization. Since the catalyst and raw materials expensive, so this route can significantly reduce raw material costs. Meanwhile, the product line also reduces the defluorination impurities content.
Synthesis of Compound 1-LDV: Example 32
In three bottle was charged with compound 1'-LDV-Bz-Bz (5.25g, 4.5mmol), potassium phosphate aqueous solution (1M / L, 50mL) and tert-amyl alcohol (50 mL), warmed to 90 deg.] C, stirred for 5 hours, cooled to room temperature, ethyl acetate (100 mL). The organic phase was dried over anhydrous sodium sulfate, and concentrated to give the product (4G, yield 100%).
/////WO 2016145990, Ledipasvir, New patent, SHANGHAI FOREFRONT PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD