BS; BH; BD; BB; BY; BE; BZ; BJ; BM; BT; BO; BA; BW; BV; BR; IO; BN; BG; BF; BI; KH;  
CM; CA; CV; KY; CF; TD; CL; CN; CX; CC; CO; KM; CG; CD; CK; CR; CI; HR; CU; CY; CZ;  
DK; DJ; DM; DO;  
EC; EG; SV; GQ; ER; EE; ET;  
FK; FO; FJ; FI; FR;  
GH; PF; TF; GA; GM; GE; DE; GH; GI; GR; GL; GD; GP; GU; GT; GG; GN; GW; GY;  
HT; HM; VA; HN; HK; HU;  
IS; IN; ID; IR; IQ; IE; IM; IL; IT;  
JM; JP; JE; JO;  
LA; LV; LB; LS; LR; LY; LI; LT; LU;  
NA; NR; NP; NL; AN; NC; NZ; NI; NE; NG; NU; NF; MP; NO;  
PK; PW; PS; PA; PG; PY; PE; PH; PN; PL; PT; PR;  
RE; RO; RU; RW; BL;  
SH; KN; LC; MF; PM; VC; WS; SM; ST; SA; SN; RS; SC; SL; SG; SK; SI; SB; SO; ZA; GS; ES; LK; SD; SR; SJ; SZ; SE; CH;  
TW; TJ; TZ; TH; TL; TG; TK; TO; TT; TN; TR; TM; TC; TV;  
UG; UA; AE; GB; US; UM; UY; UZ;  
VU; VE; VN; VG; VI;  
WF; EH;  

Regional Offices


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IP Australia Site
Irish patent office 

Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks ...




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Intellectual Property Division



List of patent offices

For a list of patent offices and their websites, see the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) maintained list, here.
The entries shown in italics are regional or international patent offices.

List of past patent offices or the like



Multi-national patent databases

AmberScope - Interactive visualization of citation connections between US, WO, EP, JP and other patents. Filters to suggest similar and important patents to a known patent. Intellogist wiki page.
Aureka - enterprise-wide IP research, analysis and management platform (Thomson Reuters) Intellogist wiki page
CAplus - Most authoritative worldwide coverage of patent information in many scientific disciplines (Chemical Abstracts Service) Intellogist wiki page
Delphion (Thomson Reuters) Intellogist Report, Intellogist Comparison Table
DEPATISnet - provides free access to bibliographic data from an expanding number of issuing authorities (CH, EP, FR, GB, JP, US, WO) as well as full-text German patents and patent documents in PDF format. (German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA)) Intellogist wiki page
Derwent World Patents Index - The most comprehensive and extensive database of value-added patent documents published in the world. (Thomson Reuters) Intellogist Report
Designs in - Global industrial designs search and watch service covering BX, CA, CH, CN, DE, ES, EU, FR, GB, JP, KR, RU, US, and WO. (Questel)
Dialog - An online information service with more than one billion unique records including in-depth repositories of scientific and technical data, patents, trademarks and other intellectual property data. Intellogist Report on DialogClassic and Classic Web, Intellogist Report on DialogPRO, Intellogist Report on the Dialog Suite of Products
EAPATIS - Eurasian Patent Organisation web database with free access (with registration) to abstracts and bibliographic data to EAPO patents, and paid access to full specifications of patents from 30 issuing offices, including EAPO, all former Soviet Union nations, and Soviet Union patents and invention certificates back to 1924. Intellogist wiki page - Search trademarks, domains, and designs online and cover more than 250 registers. Elaborate statistics and insert your legal opinion directly online with the help of the wizard.
Equerion - Equerion offers back-files, monthly updates or the development of new patent/trademark databases of official IP data from any Latin American countries plus several other regions. All these contents and databases are available in XML format and they are ready to be distributed, licensed, acquired or embedded in a wide range of ways. For more information about existing/on-development databases (e.g. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Greece, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay, United States and Venezuela), please go to
Espacenet - EPO Service to search and download patents.  Intellogist Report
European Patent Foundation - a continuously updated database of all patent applications filed in the European Union since 1978, in an easy to understand and search platform.
IFI CLAIMS Classic - Complete and reliable US patent data carefully curated with standardized and probable assignees, legal status, and over 50 years of rich chemical indexing and title enhancements. Intellogist wiki page
IFI CLAIMS Global Patent Database - A comprehensive global patent database available through the CLAIMS Direct Web Service. The database combines information from multiple national and international sources into a single normalized proprietary ST.36-based XML format. Legal status, US reassignments and referenced images are also included.
Innography - Correlated patent, litigation and business search and analysis.  Intellogist wiki page
INPADOC - Patent Family and Legal Status.  Intellogist wiki page - The Intellectual Property Library is a free international database of over 10 million patent and patent-related publications.  Intellogist wiki page
IPEXL Patent Search - A free patent search service with a focus on Asian patent offices and multilingual support.  Intellogist wiki page
Linux Foundation Patent Commons - database of IT patents which the proprietors have pledged not to enforce if open-source conditions are met.
MAREC - MAREC is a subset of the Alexandria repository, a global storage facility for high quality scientific, technical and business information (Fairview Research). MAREC consists of 19 million patent documents in different languages, normalized to a highly specific XML format (IRF)
MARPAT on STN - Complex, but robust, database of chemical Markush structures from patents; used for comprehensive patent retrieval through structure searching (CAS) Intellogist Report
MicroPatent - PatentWEB and TrademarkWEB (Thomson Reuters) Intellogist Report on PatentWeb
Nordiskapatent - free database allowing searching of patents from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Only available in the local languages.  Intellogist wiki page - This advanced version of QPAT is the new IP platform for any specialist looking for immediate answers and best practices. Very user-friendly, combines the most comprehensive coverage and powerful interface. Search Questel's famous FamPat database and key content, and cover 60+ million documents grouped in 40+ million inventions with 18+ million images from 90+ patent authorities PLUS 20+ full texts integrating the legal status, all in native or machine-aided translated English. In addition to the express and regular search interfaces, search citations, legal status, and industrial designs, order worldwide file histories and patent copies, monitor patent and legal status, analyze graphs and stats, and manage your portfolio. ALL IN ONE. (Questel) Intellogist wiki page for   Intellogist wiki page for FamPat
PatBase - A comprehensive full text searchable patent database covering over 30 million patent families (Minesoft) Intellogist Report
Patent Fetcher - Free U.S. and Foreign patent publications in PDF form.  Intellogist wiki page
Patent Imaging Corporation's Patent Bank
Patent Integration - This service packages provides a standard patent searching of 16 million U.S., Europe, International publication and Japanese patents, a visualizing patents population on the basis of text-mining technology, and a creating rich patent chart.  Intellogist wiki page
Patent Lens - free database from the Australian Cambia organisation, offering full text and status searching of WO, EP, AU and US patents.  Intellogist Report - A comprehensive free patent search site
PATENTSCOPE® Search Service - Free full-text search and first publication worldwide of PCT international applications from 1978 to present as well as access to PCT file contents and national phase entry data for 40+ offices. National patent collections available for ARIPO, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, Republic of Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, and Viet Nam including full-text search and document images for many collections. (World Intellectual Property Organization) Intellogist wiki page
PATONline - The subscription database from the Technical University of Ilmenau may be accessed in either English or German and contains full-text documents (PDF/TIFF) from DE, EP, WO, US, JP, DD, FR, RU, SU, and GB. Documents from other countries can be requested online.
PatSeer - An online patent database with global patent coverage that includes 17+ full text collections, 100+ bibliographic collections, machine translations, PDFs, drawings, simple/extended families with legal status, corporate tree, semantic search tools and more. PatSeer’s unique capabilities include Multi-dimensional (X vs. Y) analysis using great looking charts, custom fields, hierarchical categorization, Citation & Family Trees, Co-citation Analysis and a lot more. Intellogist Report on PatSeer
PharmaValet- A database of approved US and Canadian drugs and their associated patent information. Extensive search capabilities by drug or patent. Features include: expiration, approval, and extension dates, Patent Family and Legal Status (containing SPC and Patent Term Extension info), synonyms and chemical structures, therapeutic class, integrated paragraph IV data, and more.
PROPIS - subscription database from P & TS of Switzerland, offering both patents and non-patent technical and scientific literature.
QPAT - Online service for IP specialists looking for the most comprehensive coverage, powerful search access, and strategic analysis possibilities. With FamPat and PlusPat databases, cover 60+ million documents grouped in 40+ million inventions with 18+ million images from 90+ patent authorities PLUS 20+ full texts integrating the legal status, all in native or machine-aided translated English. In addition to the express and regular search interfaces, search citations and legal status, order worldwide file histories and patent copies, monitor patent and legal status, analyze graphs and stats, and manage your portfolio. (Questel) Intellogist Report
RAPID - A subscription multi-source solution to manage patent and non-patent monitoring results. Simple and intuitive interface, compatible with key information providers, collaborative workspace, gives access to all patent information (PDF, legal status, european register mosaic view).
Research Disclosure, operated by Questel, provides a cost effective way of creating defensive publications to stop others from patenting inventions. The concept is simple: by publishing details of an invention, you create citeable prior art stopping others from patenting the idea. The RD service is fast, effective and inexpensive; full paper and immediate online publication start at $120. RD’s 51 year archive of defensive publications is a well-recognized prior art search resource. Patent Examiners are required to search Research Disclosure by PCT mandate.
SurfIP (IP Office of Singapore) - International free patents, trademarks and designs search service with a bias towards Asia. Intellogist Report
STN International - premier online database service providing science, technology, and patent informationIntellogist Report
Thomson CompuMark - Trademark and Copyright (Thomson Reuters)
Thomson Innovation - a single, integrated solution that combines intellectual property, scientific literature, business data and news with analytic, collaboration and alerting tools. (Thomson Reuters) Intellogist Report
TotalPatent - 30 full-text and 100 bibliographic patent authorities, searchable in original language or English machine translation; 50+ million PDFs that are searchable, bookmarked, multi-page, and condensed; 40 million patent families; multiple search options including a true semantic search that works with your search expertise and gives you full transparency and control of the concepts it suggests; integrated and linked to a variety of related solutions including PatentOptimizer™, Chisum on Patents, BizInt Smart Charts for Patents, SciVerse Scopus™, and more. (LexisNexis) Intellogist Report
WIPS - Subscription database from Korea offering patents from various major nations. Intellogist Report

Single-authority patent databases or online official journals

In alphabetical order of country or international body.
An interactive map featuring national patent search systems can be found on Intellogist.
Albania Bulletin of Industrial Property - since 2004
Argentina - Patent database
Argentina - Searchable Patent Journal. Issues since 2004.
Armenia - Patent database
Auspat - Newest Australian patent search and status database to gradually replace older systems
AU Published Patent Data Searching - Previous official Australia database still required for some older documents.
Australia patent specification server - access to A, B, or C specifications by number only
Australian Official Journal of Patents - old law patent journal for applications before 5th July 2002
Supplement to Australian Official Journal of Patents - new law patent journal for applications after 5th July 2002.
Austria Publications Server - search by number or IPC
Austria status database - search by number only, more data may be available with paid subscription
Belgium - status database
EPATRAS (Belgium) - status and translations of EP patents valid in Belgium
Recueil des Brevets d'Invention (Belgium) - Belgian official journal (1997 - 2008)
Belize Intellectual Property Journal (2003 to date)
Brazil patent databases: select "Pesquisar Base de Patentes" for normal patent database, "Pesquisar Base de Patentes em Aniversario" to search patents expiring on a single day or within a date range.
Revistas da Propriedade Industrial (Brazil) - last 500 issues of official journal
Canadian Patent Database
EPOLINE - Online European Patent Register - online access to status and legal data of EPO documents from A publication on. Does not cover national phase status details for which it is necessary to check the relevant national authority status databases.
Republic of Ireland SPC database - search by number, date, product and applicant.
Italian Patent and Utility Models (FILDATA Web Site)
Italy SPC Bulletin - monthly announcements of application and grant.
Japanese Industrial Property Digital Library (IPDL) - includes Patent Abstracts of Japan, with searchable English-language titles and abstracts since 1976, and status and automatic full-text translation into English since 1990. Also includes the online Patent & Utility Model Gazette, from which it is possible to retrieve specifications of all Japanese patents and utility models since the beginning of the Japanese IP system, but by number only.
JP-NETe- All bibliographic and abstracts with full citation and legal status information of Japanese unexamined patents dating back to 1989 are available in English language with no time lag in publication date; see World Patent Information 31 (2009) 131-134 for more information.
Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) - A free patent information search service covering all Korean IP information (English abstracts of Korean patents since 1979 and machine translation of Korean patent & utility model publications since 1983) of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and patent information of EP, JPO, USPTO and WIPO. (Korean Institute of Patent Information (KIPI))
IP Philippines Patent Online Search System (PHILPAT) - contains Invention, Utility Model, and Design patents dating from 1948. Abstract information for patents under new law (1998) in about 50% of records.
New Zealand IP database (IPONZ) - searchable official database for NZ filed patents, designs, trade marks and plant variety rights, including status.Slovakia SPC database - English language search formSlovenia SPC database - English language search formSwissreg - databases of all forms of IP in Switzerland, select from left of screen. "ESZ" = SPC.UK Intellectual Property Office SPC search - Retrieve information on UK Supplementary Protection Certificates by patent or SPC number - Surf U.S. patents by discovering natural relationshipsUSA Patent term extensions lists - US equivalent of SPC, official databaseUSPTO Databases - Main US official patent database site, with separate databases for granted patents and published applications. Also includes design patents (US equivalent of registered designs), plant patents, defensive publications, and statutory invention registrations.

Single Technology Databases - Biotechnology - BiologicPatentWatch concentrates deep knowledge on biologic drugs from more than 60 biotechnology companies, including more than 2,800 active and expired US patents and 41,000 international patents spanning 91 countries and regional patent offices. Intellogist wiki page
CAS Registry BLAST - A specialized platform using NCBI BLAST to search the biological sequence content of the CAS Registry database. CAS Registry includes sequences indexed both from the patent and non-patent literature content of CAplus . CAS Registry BLAST is accessible via STN Express. (STN)
DNA Data Bank of Japan - published nucleotide and/or amino acid sequences for genes. Includes patent information.
DNA Patent Database (USA) - free Georgetown University database of US DNA patents.
Entrez cross-database search - by the US National Center for Biotechnology Information. A resource for searching various free databases, including nucleic acid and protein sequences from patents. Intellogist wiki page
European Bioinformatics Institute metasearch page - search various free databases on different types of biological information, including EP patent abstracts and nucleotide and protein sequences from patents.
Federal Bio-Technology Transfer Directory (searchable archive; not longer updated)
GENESEQ - A patent sequence database produced by Thomson Reuters, containing nucleic acid and amino acid sequences from patents since 1981 from 41 worldwide patent-issuing authorities, including WO, US, EP, JP, DE, IN and CN. Each record contains standardized terminology and bibliographic data, enhanced titles, English language abstracts, and manually-captured sequence information. (Thomson Reuters) Intellogist wiki page
GQ-PAT -  A patent sequence database that contains over 610,000 documents and over 285 million nucleotide and protein sequences taken from global patent offices (EPO, USPTO, WIPO/PCT), publicly available bio-sequence databases and web resources (GenBank®, NIH, EMBL-Bank, DDBJ). GenomeQuest's Platinum and Gold+ offerings also include manually curated documents from major and developing authorities (US, EP, CN, BR, JP, KR, IN and many others) that contain sequences outside of the ST.25 listings. (GenomeQuest) Intellogist wiki page on GenomeQuest
Patent Lens sequence search facility - A utility provided by CAMBIA, using NCBI BLAST to search sequences from US patent publications.
Patome - A patent sequence database containing sequence data in patents from WO, EP, US, JP, with annotation and analysis data.
PCTGEN (World Patent Application Biosequences database) - A patent sequence database comprising information on nucleic acid and protein sequences submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) by patent applicants. The database is based upon data provided by the WIPO Published Sequence Listings web service. (FIZ Karlsruhe)
PSIPS (USA) - USPTO site to download sequences too long to include in full in patent specifications.
USGENE - A patent sequence database providing search access to all available peptide and nucleotide sequences from published applications and issued patents of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Sequence data are available in USGENE within 3 days of publication by the USPTO. The SequenceBase Corporation is the producer of the database. Intellogist wiki page
WIPO Published Sequence Listings - nucleotide and protein sequence listings in WO applications

Single Technology Databases - Pharmaceutical - DrugPatentWatch concentrates deep knowledge on more than 6,400 small-molecule drugs and 2,300 generic ingredients from 1,700 branded and generic pharmaceutical companies and 700 suppliers, and more than 4,300 active and expired US patents and 74,000 international patents spanning 93 countries and regional patent offices. Intellogist wiki page
Electronic Orange Book (USA) - American Food and Drug Administration free public database of approved drugs, often including key patent numbers and expiry dates.
FDA Suitability Petitions (USA) - lists of substances submitted for approval as generic drugs
Genericsweb - site for the generic pharma industry has subscription patent databases concentrating on pharmaceutical patents, with particular stress on tracking patent and SPC expiry dates.
Health Canada Patent Register - information on drug patents in Canada.
Medicine Information Central Patents (UK) - UK National Health Service database on drug patents in the UK. Registration required.
Orange Book Companion (USA) - subscription database on legal and regulatory information on drugs approved in the US, including details of related patents.
SureChem (UK) - SureChemOpen is a free resource for searching patent chemistry across US, EP and WO full text patents and images. SureChemDirect offers licensed access to complete underlying chemistry and patent full text data.

Single Technology Databases - Other than Life Sciences

DoE Patents (USA) - database of patents held by the US Department of Energy

Meta-search Tools

ipInsiders Patent & IP Search Toolbar - Free patent and other prior art search tool and collection of free online patent databases. Includes more than 100 patent and non-patent information searchfields; intellectual property link directory to patent search engines and databases, supporting tools for patent information searching and analyzing, IP information providers, IP forums, groups and communities, tools for trademark, brand and domain name searchers; national patent, trademark and design databases, patent classification finders. In addition RSS feeds of WIPO, EPO and other IP news, IP Tweets.  Intellogist wiki page
Patent Pal - a free patent information toolbar providing search access to over 30 unique patent related search systems such as Google Patents, FreePatentsOnline, Esp@cenet, WIPO, Pat2Pdf, and the USPTO MPEP, links to foreign patent laws and virtually every major patent office in the world, and a convenient interface for receiving RSS feeds from popular patent related blogs. The PIUG wiki is included on the World menu and the Blog menu. Intellogist wiki page

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